Wednesday, 15 May 2013

Terrific Top: Faux Leather Peplum Top from Forever 21

This post isn't entirely serious but I have been inspired by Eurovision - and I suspect it won't be the first post as such this week, due to the fact I love the contest and its weird and wacky outfits!  Last night was one of the semi-finals and, in terms of fashion, I noticed that a faux (or real?) black leather peplum top seemed to be the outfit de jour.  I was most impressed with Montenegro, whose female singer teamed it with black leather leggings, boots and kneepads - as well as Wonder Woman inspired arm cuffs.  And a couple of spacemen.  Fab!

I've found this fake leather black peplum top from Forever 21, which is a steal at just £18.75.  Now you can get the Euro look for a fraction of the price - and enjoy the finals on Saturday!

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