Sunday, 2 June 2013

Awesome Accessories: Brass Victoire Cuff from Boticca

Boticca is the online boutique for unique jewellery and fashion accessories by top emerging designers.  It has an amazing range of bespoke, quirky and exquisite, high quality pieces from around the world.

I have fallen in love with this yellow brass v-shaped Victoire cuff by designers Adin and Royale, who are based in Tel Aviv.  It is totally ancient Roman in style - the description on the page says gladiator, but it reminds me of something a  powerful Domina would have worn!  Or possibly Wonder Woman.  Either way, it embodies a strong yet feminine look.  There's only a couple available, and it's £216, but new customers can sign up to get £30 off first orders, plus if you invite friends you can get money off future purchases at Boticca. Limited

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