Monday, 17 June 2013

Awesome Accessories: Jewellery from Oasis

I haven't done jewellery for a while, so I've been looking at the items that are available in the Oasis clothing summer sale which started today.  There are some really beautiful bargains on offer, so I have picked a few to consider for this post!  It's been hard to pick just a few as well as there is so much gorgeousness, so it's definitely well worth a look at the sale.

The first is this gorgeous butterfly collar necklace which is half price at just £9.  It would look lovely with a simple, cream lace dress (such as the one I blogged about earlier in the month) or a summery, silk vest top and trousers.  In fact, I think it could decorate any simple, neutral outfit to create a pretty ensemble with minimal effort.
Next, I'm impressed with this ultramodern mini square Smartie bracelet pack which is just £5.  The colours are on trend for the season and I love the simplicity of it.  Again, it will brighten up a plain outfit - for the day, a white top, shorts and sandals with these bracelets would look great and in the evening, a chic, black dress would work well.

It's hard to pick which of the earrings in the sale are my favourite, but I think it's these Festival feather drop earrings.  The colours are delicate and summery, as is the feather and small stone style.  These will add a chic, bohemian element to any outfit but I think they're probably more suited to the day.  They are also just £5.
Finally, I've picked out a lovely ring to complete the collection.  This large vintage crystal statement ring will add instant bling to any outfit, but I think this is more of an evening accessory!  Wear with a fitted cocktail dress or sharp suit for fab, flashy style.  It's also half price, at £8.
In addition to the beautiful jewellery on offer in the sale, there are fabulous clothes, bags, shoes and other accessories available.  Much of it will be great for summer, but there is also a lot of items that could see one through autumn and winter, so it's definitely worth checking before things start selling out.

Oasis Fashions Limited

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