Tuesday, 16 April 2013

Delightful Dress: Blue Tie Dye Jersey Maxi Dress from Fashion Union

Bodycon dresses can look simply stunning, or make a person look a bit lumpy and bumpy depending on one's shape and the style of dress chosen.  I am always a little wary of them as I don't really have the nerve to pull them off.  However, they can suit most shapes - it's just a matter of choosing wisely, accentuating one's best assets and then having the confidence to pull it off.  There's also shapewear available, if needs be!  Body con dresses can also be incredibly chic and part of a smart look when teamed with complementary pieces such as a blazer, heels and simple, pretty jewellery.

I love this reasonably priced blue and white tie dye dress from Fashion Union, available in sizes 8 - 14 for £18.  Tie dye is very contemporary at the moment and I like the fact that this pattern develops the trend in a subtle and sophisticated way.  The midi length is perfect, meaning that there will be no need to keep tugging down the hem - and likewise, the high chest means that nothing will fall out on top!  And yet, that sexy silhouette can still be maintained through the shape of the dress.  

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