Monday, 29 April 2013

Putting my money where my mouth is: Top Cashback

I had a bit of a surprise today by being a little more canny than I meant to be!  I subscribed to Grazia magazine through Great Magazines using Top Cashback.  It was £18 for the quarter for both the digital and print editions which I thought was already a great deal, as it is a saving on buying it from the shop each week.  Coupled with that, I got just over £6 cashback so even more savvy savings.  But on top of that, I saw that I was entitled to a free gift of some haircare products, apparently worth over £46 but you never know with these things.  I assumed I'd get some shampoo, conditioner and some spray or similar  but look what turned up this afternoon....

So, in terms of savvy and canny purchases, I think I have done rather well. A fab mag, potentially gorgeous hair and a bargain!

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